Working with Parents

We are committed to developing a strong partnership with parents so that we work together to meet pupils’ needs. We do this by communicating regularly with parents/carers in the following ways:

Parents are sent half termly newsletters, which outline the main events of the previous weeks, forthcoming events and any school news. Parents can keep up to date by visiting the school website which is regularly updated.

All parents have the opportunity to meet with staff to discuss their child’s progress towards the end of every term. An important part of these meetings is a discussion with parents on how well they feel their child is working towards the targets set out in their Individual Education Plans (lEPs).

All parents are invited to an annual review of the progress their children are making towards the objectives on their statement of special educational needs.

There is a termly Parents Forum chaired by a parent governor. This forum facilitates two way communication between the school and parents and is a useful vehicle for consultation on a wide range of issues.

At the end of each year all parents of primary and secondary aged pupils receive an end of year progress report (called a Summary of Achievement). This is discussed at the end of year parents’ evening.

We hold an Achievements Assembly at the end of each term to which all parents and friends of the school are invited. These assemblies provide an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of all our pupils and are always very positive and special occasions. The Christmas assembly includes the presentation of GCSE certificates to the previous Year 11 students.

Home Learning:

At Brent Knoll School we see work done at home as a valuable way of supporting the work done in school.

Homework is not set for all students as a matter of course.  It is recognised that most would need considerable support from a family member to undertake the tasks at home. During parents’ evenings when IEP targets are reviewed, ideas for supporting your child at home may be recommended which would fulfil the role of homework. These would be specific to your child’s needs e.g. specific tasks set by the SALT team. Curriculum plans, which give an indication of the topics being taught  each term are shared with parents. This gives the opportunity for parents to enrich the teaching and learning provided by the school by undertaking supportive visits or research if they judge this to be appropriate to their child. Teachers also make every effort to work closely with parents in the development of self-help and independence skills and in the management of behaviour where consistency between home and school is especially important.

To view the school policy on homework please click on the link below;

Policy – Homework

Family Learning:

As part of our policy to extend the role of the school we hold Family Learning events including workshops on the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies. These focus on literacy and numeracy skills for parents and carers and demonstrate how they can support their children’s learning.

Evening Events:

There are a number of additional events for parents of pupils in the Secondary Department. Parents of pupils in Year 9 are asked to attend transitional reviews in the Spring Term to plan for courses which might be appropriate during Years 10 and 11 and for their child’s education beyond school leaving age at 16.

Parents are kept informed of any  events during the school year which they may wish to attend.

Parents are always welcome to phone the school to make appointments with any of the staff to discuss any concerns they have. We welcome parents’ comments and suggestions. The governing body includes five parent governors who can be contacted through the school office.

The induction of Year 7 pupils:

For pupils moving up from our primary department there is a programme of induction involving being taught by secondary staff, visits to the secondary classes and the opportunity for secondary staff to see them learning in their own class. Pupils entering the school at the start of Year 7 spend a day in school in early July to meet their new classmates and gain an insight into life at Brent Knoll. Early in the first term at Brent Knoll we offer Year 7 pupils the opportunity to take part in a residential school journey at an outdoor activity centre. The aim is to involve the pupils in a range of activities and bring them together as a group.

In order to ensure the transition from primary school to the secondary department is as smooth as possible we have recently introduced a transitional curriculum arrangement for Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils in which they are taught a core curriculum by one class teacher in their own base classroom. They then move to specialist teaching areas to be taught subjects such as art, design technology and information technology by specialist teachers.

School Home Support Worker

We have a School Home Support Worker based at the school. Emma Moore,  our School Home Support practitioner, works with families to tackle the underlying issues that cause poor attendance/behaviour and lead to  under-achievement. Engaging parents with their child’s education has a direct impact on a child’s achievement. Emma provides advice and guidance for families on a whole range of issues including housing, health and finance.

Complaints procedure

Fortunately complaints are very few but where an issue has not been resolved easily we have a complaints procedure that is followed. Please click on the link below for a copy of our complaints procedure.

Policy – Complaints Procedure

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