The Primary Curriculum

Overview of the new Primary National Curriculum 2014

English and Maths are presented in a year-by-year format based on the outlines given in the National Curriculum.The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) provides pupils in the EYFS and Key Stages 1 and 2 with a structured, thematic approach to learning covering all other subjects of the National Curriculum. Each theme incorporates a range of subjects to promote a cross-curricular approach to learning, which allows pupils to make more meaningful connections from their experiences.  We have developed a two year cycle of themes for different stages of learning in the primary department. These are known as Early Years (for EYFS and Key Stage 1), Milepost 1 (for lower Key Stage 2) and Milepost 2 (for Upper Key Stage 2).

A more detailed curriculum plan for the new IPC can be seen by clicking the link below

New IPC Curriculum 2014

Mathematics learning in the new curriculum

At Brent Knoll planning starts with the mathematics overviews that are set out in 3 phases: Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. Each overview identifies six half termly blocks with suggested focus areas of mathematics. Teachers adapt the plans to meet the needs of the pupils in their class and to make cross-curricular links with their IPC topics and literacy.

The termly planning document is intended to provide support in meeting the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum 2014 and to aid teachers in planning a progressive learning journey for children within Key Stages 1 and 2 (Years 1 to 6).

They outline the key aspects and related objectives, and provide non-statutory guidance that unpicks the meaning of the implications of the objectives. ‘Track back’ maths objectives are also included in the planning documents so that children who are not sufficiently confident in working at a particular year group can consolidate their understanding before moving on.

A more detailed scheme of work for maths can be seen by clicking the link below

Maths scheme of work overview

Literacy learning in the new curriculum

At Brent Knoll teaching and learning in literacy follows the new National Curriculum 2014 using adapted overviews for each phase: Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. Each overview highlights key areas of learning in reading and writing and offers comprehensive coverage of literacy themes and skills. These are linked with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topics to promote cross-curricular ways of teaching and learning.

Teachers take key learning objectives from the new Primary English Curriculum and modify them to meet the diverse needs of pupils and their different learning styles.

There is a wide range of resources and equipment available including the use of computer technology. Pupils are provided with a rich diet of literature to encourage reading for both learning and pleasure. Staff are trained in Soundswrite and this forms the basis of our phonics teaching.

Every child is supported to develop their potential within a learning environment that places communication at the heart of the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to explore, develop and explain ideas and present their learning to others.

A more detailed scheme of work for literacy can be seen by clicking the link below

Literacy overview

Modern Foreign language at Key Stage 2

A modern foreign language is now a statutory foundation subject at KS2. A scheme of work for French has been designed for pupils learning French for the first time and also takes into account the SEN of pupils at Brent Knoll. The topics are incorporated into the IPC overviews.  It will be used across all KS2 classes and reviewed at the end of the first year.

French scheme of work

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