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Special Educational Needs Information Report

Schools are required to publish information on their provision for special educational needs. The latest Brent Knoll information report can be seen by clicking on the link below


In order to meet the needs of our pupils we have developed a wide range of additional therapies and support as well as working closely with a variety of outside agencies.

The School Nurse:

The School Nurse visits the school regularly to support pupils, advise staff, to talk to parents and to train support staff. On admission the nurse meets new pupils and their parents/carers in order to take a brief history and to ensure the necessary treatments, medications and dressings are available in school. She also makes sure the immunisation programmes are kept up to date and co-ordinates check ups with other professionals.

All medication to be administered at school should be sent into school in its original box with the name of the child and the dosage clearly displayed. Support staff are trained in the administration of medication.

Occupational Therapy:

Brent Knoll works in partnership with the local Healthcare Trust to provide Occupational Therapy provision based at the school. As well as working with childen who have motor skill difficulties the therapist also runs an independent travel training group for older children in collaboration with the speech therapy team.

The occupational therapist provide training and work closely with all staff in school to ensure that therapy programmes are continued throughout the week.

OT Drop-In Clinics

Speech and Language Therapy:

We have our own speech and language therapy team based at the school. The therapist carries out an initial assessment to determine how best to meet a child’s individual needs. This may be in the form of small group work, individual sessions or following a programme developed by the therapist and delivered by teachers in liaison with support staff. The therapists also work alongside teachers in the classroom and provide training and guidance for both staff and parents.

Staff have had training in working with pupils with speech and language difficulties.

Speech & Language Therapy Team

School Counsellor:

Ellen Davies, our school counsellor, is based in school three days per week. She provides psychotherapeutic counselling to children referred to her by staff. Ellen works closely with parents to support their children and coordinates the work of other additional therapies within the school.

Educational Psychology:

The school works in partnership with specialist Educational Psychologists who provide expert advice to the school on a range of issues such as behaviour and learning.

School Attendance Officer:

The attendance and punctuality of pupils is monitored carefully by the school and this information is passed on to the school attendance officer. Persistent lateness and non attendance is followed up by the school attendance officer.

Music Therapy:

Music therapy is provided for pupils identified by a process of referral by school staff. Sessions can be for individuals or small groups of pupils as appropriate. The music therapist  works closely with parents.

Play therapy and psychotherapeutic art therapy

We have developed a partnership with the Cassel Centre in Lewisham who provide 1:1 counselling, play therapy and psychotherapeutic art therapy in the school. Pupils are referred to the Cassel Centre provision by school staff though our School Counsellor.

School Home Support:

We have a School Home Support Worker based at the school. Emma Moore,  our School Home Support practitioner, works with families to tackle the underlying issues that cause poor attendance/behaviour and lead to  under-achievement. Engaging parents with their child’s education has a direct impact on a child’s achievement. Emma provides advice and guidance for families on a whole range of issues including housing, health and finance.

Learning Mentors:

Hayley Porter is our Learning Mentor who works mainly within the secondary department. Her role is to support young people considered to be at risk of not achieving as well as they could for whatever reason, for example through emotional or behavioural difficulties, personal circumstances or disaffection with school. She also runs several support groups within school.

Emotional Literacy Support:

The Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) project is an initiative designed to build the capacity of schools to support the emotional needs of their pupils. It recognises that children learn better and are happier at school if their emotional needs are also addressed. There are three trained ELSA’s at Brent Knoll School working with both primary and secondary students one to one and in small groups.

Meditation therapy

Brent Knoll has a visiting meditation tutor who works with small groups of young people. Meditation therapy is aimed at reducing stress and anxiety which has a positive imapct on behaviour and is a very good anger management tool

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